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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a professional and dependable mobile notary and loan signing service. NixSignings is an ambitious, innovative, and dependable notary firm that offers real-world solutions to its client’s needs. Individuals and businesses can rely on us for a full range of notary services.

As a mobile notary service provider, we strive to provide all of our clients with prompt, flexible, and high-quality service. We will come to your home, office, or almost any other location to notarize loans, power of attorney documents, or any other legal documents.

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How can we serve you?

In addition to the ability to notarize your documents in any county within the Orange County state, NixSignings combines the convenience of a traveling notary with state-of-the-art technology and the highest level of expertise. Whether you need a minor’s travel documents notarized, a will executed at your home, or a power of attorney, our notaries are here to help you so you can focus on what matters most.

When it comes to loan document processing, you can rely on us to handle all of your documents quickly and efficiently. We have extensive experience with structured settlements, purchases, HELOC, VA loans, refinances, commercial loan closings, loan modifications, signings, inspections, and reverse mortgage loans. We are meticulous, ensuring that every loan document is correctly discharged by the debtor, notarized, and promptly returned for processing.

Our services

NixSignings is a full-service notary agency offering a 24/7 mobile notary and loan signing company. Our services include:


Mobile notary services

We offer quick and efficient mobile notary services in California to help you get your legal documents notarized quickly and affordably. We make certain that all of our notaries arrive on time for each meeting, execute documents on time, and deliver them to the correct location. Furthermore, our mobile notary agents ensure that your legal documents are handled in accordance with California notarial laws. NixSignings is always ready to assist you.


Loan signing

NixSignings completes loan signings quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to provide borrowers with a smooth, efficient, and high-quality signing experience. We accomplish this by combining high-quality customer service, precision, and technology.


Apostille and certification

When dealing with legal issues such as apostilles and document authentication, time is of the essence. NixSignings is pleased to provide first-rate apostille and certification services in Los Angeles for a wide range of academic, corporate, and personal documents. We have specialists on hand to find solutions to the most difficult cases, ensuring that each client’s unique situation is addressed in a personalized manner. Our qualified and accredited notaries can apostille your documents on the same day.


General Notary services

Affirmations of acceptances. Jurat. Affirmations. Oath & acceptances. Copy of the document. Power of Attorney. Proof of execution. Signatures. Trusts. Wills or wills. Permission to travel. Advanced health care directives.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Our Values

At NixSignings, we aim to provide each of our customers with top-quality customer service by performing expert notarizations and protecting their privacy.


Let us know where to meet you, and we will show up on time with each item necessary to complete your transaction in an efficient manner.


All our notaries are licensed, insured, and background-checked. We are also members of the National Notary Association and the Loan Signing System.


NixSignings offers convenience by providing door-to-door notary services to your Los Angeles home or office. We are a full-service bilingual notary company operating 24/7.

Competitive and fast

We have appointments available on the same business day and will respond to your needs as quickly as possible. In addition, we provide a fixed-price notarial service per document beginning at $7 plus travel costs.

What makes us different?

NixSignings offers unrivaled precision and efficiency in notary and loan signing. We distinguish ourselves by being thorough and detail-oriented. There are almost no cleanups or corrections with us. We are motivated by innovation, ideas, and results. Our services are guaranteed to be accurate and in accordance with California law, allowing us to provide excellent customer service to our clients. As a result, you can anticipate:

Greater efficiency

NixSignings enables clients to have documents notarized and loans closed from the comfort of their own homes, reducing delays and frustrations. We make notarization more accessible to people who have demanding work schedules, no access to adequate transportation, health issues that make travel difficult, and those who live in remote areas.

Reduced errors

Notary or loan document errors cost time and money to fix. When an error is made, it is flagged in the system in real-time, allowing you to make corrections in a timely manner.


We take pride in providing the best solutions for our clients. We make every effort to communicate in a clear, frequent, and understandable manner. We will keep you updated at every step of the process. We strive to meet and exceed each client's expectations while providing unparalleled customer service. Our approach has always been to provide each client with the highest level of personalized customer service throughout the notary or loan signing process.

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It does not have to be difficult to have your documents notarized. Hiring us simplifies your life, reduces stress, and allows you to focus on what is most important. We handle everything so that you never have to waste time again. Get a quote online or call us at (909) 351-3361 to learn more about our notary services. A knowledgeable representative will answer your questions and assist you in getting started.