Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our notary and loan signing services? This informative section was created after compiling the most frequently asked questions from clients.

Read through to understand what we can do for you better: 

A notary, also known as a notary public, is a person who is authorized to supervise the signing and recording of important legal documents. They basically serve as impartial witnesses, verifying the identities of the parties by appending their signatures and the authenticity of the document by signing and sealing it.

According to this definition, a notary service, such as NixSignings, is a licensed office where you can get a notary to authenticate your document signing.

The word "mobile" is not immediately obvious in our service description. We use the term "mobile" to mean that you do not have to come to a specific location in Los Angeles or the surrounding counties we serve. Rather, our mobile notaries will come to you. That's correct. Call us, and we will send a mobile notary agent to your specified location to notarize your documents.

We can notarize any document that requires a notary's signature as a licensed notary public. As a result, the list is infinite. To give you an idea, we have notarized documents such as:

  • Acknowledgments

  • Jurats

  • Affidavits

  • Court documents

  • Oath/Affirmations

  • Copy certifications

  • Power of Attorney

  • Proofs of execution

  • Signature by mark

  • Deed of trust

  • Wills and living wills

  • Travel permits

  • Advanced health care directives

  • Trust documents

A loan signing agent is a notary public who has received additional training to handle loan documents. A loan signing agent's job is essentially to walk borrowers through loan documents until they understand them and then witness them signing the paperwork. Our loan signing agents are typically hired by lenders, escrow companies, real estate companies, title companies, and other loan-related entities to oversee loan-related matters such as:

  • Refinance 

  • Purchases

  • Reverse mortgage

  • Seller’s package


  • VA Loans

  • Loan application

  • Cash deals & more

In many cases, the job descriptions of a notary and a loan signing agent overlap, which is understandable given that they can be the same person. But there is a distinction. Unlike a regular notary, whose sole responsibility is to witness and not interfere with the signing process, loan signing agents actively assist the loan applicant in understanding and signing the documents, which can be complex at times. As a result, a notary must obtain additional training and skills in interpreting mortgage documents and loan agreements in order to become a loan signing agent.

NixSignings combines mobile notaries and loan signing agents.

We certainly can. The most important thing is that you and the other signers understand the contents of the document you're signing and have the necessary identification documents to prove your identity. You must also confirm to the notary that you comprehend the contents of the document. If these conditions are met, the notarization will proceed smoothly.

However, if the notary details are in a different language, we will attach a translated notary page to comply with the state's notarization requirements.

Yes, you must present a valid form of identification. It could be a California driver's license or ID, a US passport, or a military ID in this case. If you do not have an ID or your ID has expired, you may bring two credible witnesses who must both have IDs. The two witness signatures will be added to the notary journal, which will become your valid ID.

Our general notarization services are available for a flat fee of $15 per signature, plus a travel fee to your location. We charge travel fees based on how close or far you are, with rates starting at $20 for up to 5 miles. An oath or affirmation costs $7, and a certified copy costs $15. We accept cash, bank transfers, and other standard payment methods for your convenience.

Our prices for real estate document signing include: 

  • Seller’s package 150 +

  • Purchase Package $150 +

  • Refinance $150 +

  • Reverse mortgage $150

  • Loan Application $75

  • Cash Deal $100-$150

All these packages include FedEx drop-off (same day), loan packaging, and loan document printing. 

NixSignings provides a mobile notary public service as well as loan signing services. That means we have offices wherever our clients are. You call or email us, and we will come to your location to provide our services. However, we only serve residents of California, including Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and surrounding areas.

Yes, even if you are in jail, we can come to you. Our incarcerated notary service costs between $150 and $250, depending on your distance from California. We can come to your assisted living facility, nursing home, rehabilitation center, office, or business premises in addition to the jail. Make a reservation by calling us.

NixSignings provides a 24-hour service. As a result, you can schedule our loan signings or notary services whenever you need them. This also means that we are extremely adaptable and can work around your hectic schedule.

Do You Need to Have Some Documents Notarized? NixSignings is available whenever you need us.

You may need to have some legal documents notarized at some point in your life. Alternatively, you could provide loan signing assistance to your real estate clients. Fortunately, NixSignings can handle everything for you. Learn more about us by reading our frequently asked questions. Remember to make an appointment by calling (909) 351-3361. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take your calls.