Mobile Notary & Loan Signing
in Los Angeles, CA

Regardless of your schedule, you can rely on us for accurate last-minute signings of your loans, great estates, and corporate documents in Los Angeles, CA. We have certified, licensed, and experienced notary public agents throughout Los Angeles County who provide mobile notary services to escrow companies, loan officers, and real estate companies. Real estate loan documents, loan documents, and business and legal processes all require notarization by a notary signing agent. Save time and money by having a mobile notary public come to you anywhere in Los Angeles, including Santa Clarita, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Palos Verdes Estates, Woodland Hills, Redondo Beach, Temple City, Manhattan Beach, Van Nuys, Long Beach, Thousand Oaks, and Glendale.

What are mobile notary services?

Mobile notary services are those that are provided at a location of your choosing. A traveling notary public arranges a meeting at your home or office to collect your documents, verify them using electronic notary software, and stamp them for you. Apostilles may also be collected for delivery and certification. Nixsignings provides our clients with the following mobile notary services:

  • Will notarization
  • Power of the attorney’s notarization
  • Trustee certification
  • Signing of the custody agreement
  • Notarization of credit repair form
  • Real estate loan transaction verification
  • Auto title transfer notarization
  • Notary signing of loan documents
  • Insurance claim form signed
  • Deed of trust notarization
  • Acknowledgment witnessing
  • Oaths and affirmations notarized
  • Traveler’s consent notarization
  • Notarization of advanced health care directives
  • Jurat notarization
  • Last-minute notary services
  • Notarization of correspondent loans
  • Notarization of living trusts
  • Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) notary services

Nixsignings notaries provide escrow companies, loan officers, real estate companies, living trusts, business corporations, and individual borrowers with quality, accurate, affordable, and on-time notary signings in Beverly Hills, West Covina, Glendale, and throughout Los Angeles. To schedule an appointment in the comfort of your own home or office, call (909) 351-3361.

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Why choose our mobile notary service in Los Angeles County?

A mobile notary service makes it simple to notarize and certify financial, business, travel, and legal documents. You are not required to travel, disrupt your schedule, or spend money to obtain service. Traveling notaries do all of the legwork to ensure that your paperwork is properly stamped. Not all notary services, however, are created equal. Here are some of the main advantages of using Nixsignings notaries:

Professional services

Professionalism is critical when selecting a notary company. Loan documents contain private financial information that, if shared with unauthorized parties or handled carelessly, could put clients at risk. All notaries are subjected to regular background checks by Nixsignings Notary Company to ensure they have a clean criminal record. Furthermore, all of our agents sign contracts that aid in the protection of your confidential information. To avoid losses or mishandling, we handle all paperwork with extreme caution. Our mobile service ensures that all of your notarized documents arrive on time.

Qualified signing agents

Not every notary is authorized to sign loan documents. Loan document signings require special training and certification for notaries. Our agents have completed their training and passed the Secretary of State's exams, are California residents, have passed background checks, obtained a notary public commission, have met the necessary child support orders, and are free of disqualifying convictions. Furthermore, we encourage our notaries to join various notary public associations so that they can stay up to date on any changes and work per the required standards. When you hire our notaries, you are entering into a stress-free contract.

Accurate signings

A minor mistake in legal, financial, custody, travel or business documents can result in massive losses. We ensure that all of your loan, travel, business, and real estate documents are notarized correctly to save you time and money on repeating the process. Our mobile notaries use specialized software to electronically verify your documents. This online system has been thoroughly tested for safety and accuracy, comparing your paperwork and identity to various databases to prevent fraud and identity theft. Contact us to enjoy a certified and error-free notarizing service.

Affordable services

Mobile service has the advantage of saving you time. Traveling can be stressful, especially if you are far away from home or have a full schedule. We don't expect you to always leave work or change your schedule to find us. Online services have made life far more accessible than when people could only stamp documents with a laser printer. Technology has also made the process faster and more efficient. You can get your documents notarized in 10 minutes using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Everything is done online. There is no need to be concerned if you are away. We deliver the documents to your insurance agent, real estate agent, and other stakeholders who require notarized documents. This mobile service is popular among many people. Institutions value the process because it is more accurate and reduces the likelihood of it being repeated. It also significantly reduces cases of fraud. All of these cost savings are passed on to our customers. Our fees are lower than those of traditional notarization, which requires back-and-forth, printing, reprinting, and the involvement of numerous third parties to complete the verification process. Get quick, efficient, and dependable notary services in Los Angeles right now.

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Nixsignings is the place to go if you need a fast, accurate, and professional notary public service. Our traveling notaries relieve you of the stress of travel by coming to your home or office. As long as your documents are ready, everything happens in a matter of minutes. Prepare your identification documents and paperwork ahead of time to avoid wasting time. For an accurate, convenient, and dependable mobile notary and loan signing service in Los Angeles, CA, call Nixsignings at (909) 351-3361 today.