Mobile Notary & Loan Signing in Ontario, CA

Have you been wondering if you can get a mobile notary or are looking for one who can come to your home, office, or any other location of your choosing to notarize a specific set of documents or loan signings?

You don’t have to deal with the stress of travel. We understand, so unwind! Our team at NixSignings has made your comfort our primary focus, and we have made every effort to attend to your needs professionally and promptly throughout our engagement with you.

We regularly serve clients who are title and escrow companies, mortgage brokers, financial institutions, real estate agents, attorneys, and other businesses that require the services of a notary public or closing attorney.

If your closing also requires a certified loan signing agent, make an appointment with us at NixSignings in Ontario, CA!

What Documents Can You Notarize in Ontario, CA?

The need for a mobile notary public is important, and the need for it can occur at any point, such as when you wish to buy a valuable item or sign a legal contract with someone else. In a situation like this, you will need to look for a notary public who is knowledgeable about the specific kind of document in question.

NixSigning notaries have had experience of signing many agreements and documents since their founding. We have notarized a variety of documents, which include:

  • Documents used in estate planning, such as trusts and wills.

  • Marriage Affidavit documents

  • Agreements for child support and custody

  • Documents used in business, such as contracts and agreements.

  •  Promissory note

  • Property-related documents.

  • VA loans

  • Documents based on mortgage closing

  • Vehicle registration or transfer or transfer documents

  • Power of attorney

  • Medical directive documents

  • Employment documents

  • Travel letter document—for consent for children.

  • Structured settlement

  • Divorce affidavit 

  • Court documents like sworn and appeal statements

There are some requirements for this processing.

  • A valid ID Card: You can get a driver’s license, military identification, a state identification card, or a passport to prove your identity.

  • An alternative for you if you don’t have an ID card or if it has expired is to bring two reliable witnesses who can both sign on your behalf, and each should have one of the types of identification listed above.

  • The last part is to fill in all the required fields on the documents, but make sure to let your notary agent come before you sign them.

Mobile Notary & Loan Signing Services

Before you can understand how our service works, you should understand the roles of a mobile notary and a loan signing agent.

A notary signing agent is someone who handles loan documents on behalf of another person or business. Notary signing agents’ general responsibilities include printing loan documents, setting up and carrying out notarizations, and sending documents off for processing.

Notary signing agents also prevent fraud and vouch for the accuracy of documents and information contained within them. Meanwhile, a notary public must affix their notarial seal to verify and confirm the identity of the signers.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

What makes NixSignings stand out?


We take great pride in the high level of quality, dedication, and attention to detail that we provide. We ensure that your signing process takes the necessary steps to produce an excellent result. As a mobile notary, our primary goal is to meet our client's needs by providing quick, affordable, and effective services.

Time Efficiency

We are available as the best signing agents to take your calls whenever and wherever you need us. We are always punctual, and we value your time by completing your notarization service in under twenty minutes.


We hold ourselves to a very high standard of excellence, and our signing agents are well-versed, capable, and eager to help. We will walk you through the process; our professional notaries, who are fully qualified and certified, will assist you.


We can provide our clients with an exceptional customer experience while protecting their privacy because we guarantee that our services comply with California notary legislation. Because we value privacy and go above and beyond industry standards for security. Because we are completely encrypted, we are the most dependable platform for storing your documents.

National Presence

We will assign a competent local signing agent to work with you regardless of your location—we will travel to your preferred location. Our presence can be found throughout the state of California.

Why Is a Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Agent Necessary?

You should be aware that notary signing is required to assist organizations and individuals in notarizing loan applications.

Mobile notary signing agents play an important role in mortgage and loan closings by validating the signatures on the documents. We also help you save time, stress, and money by assisting you with the loan application process.

Even if the lending process appears lengthy and difficult, NixSignings Notarization agents allow you to expedite things by connecting with a skilled notary signing agent whenever it is convenient.

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